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Rainy Day Therapist Kit

SKU: TB-2000


Help improve a child’s muscle tone, balance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination all while they are having fun playing. Whether it is a therapy or classroom setting, our Indoor Therapist Kit is ideal for allowing both fun and healthy childhood development. This kit was designed to feature all of the special needs equipment that a parent or therapist needs for rounded sessions. If you were looking for an indoor therapy swing children, you have found the perfect kit. Included in this particular kit is a variety of individual attachments like a climbing ladder, special needs indoor swing, indoor trapeze bar, indoor toddler swing, and many more. Our Therapist kit includes the following Rainy Day® Indoor products: Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar Rainy Day® Indoor Strap Swing Rainy Day® Indoor Trapeze Bar Rainy Day® Indoor Climbing Ladder with stabilizer bar Rainy Day® Indoor One Seated Glider Rainy Day® Indoor Infant/Toddler Swing (complete with play bar & adjustable body harness) Rainy Day® Indoor Net Swing Rainy Day® Indoor Extension Plugs Heavy Duty tote bag Here are the recent product ratings from ab The Indoor Playground is the ideal product for your children because it has interchangeable parts. When this product is not being used, you can store it in a small place out of the way. At the center of this particular system is our Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar that easily suspends to almost any doorway measuring 29”-36” by only using a few tools. You can even use this support bar for chin ups/pull ups to gain upper body strength.

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