Indoor 3-Piece Kit from Rainy Day, Kids Doorway Swing, Physiotherapy equipment

Rainy Day Indoor 3-Piece Kit

SKU: CK-60603


With this indoor playground equipment, your little one will be occupied with hours of fun. The unique additions to this kit offer your child fun and a great way to get indoor exercise. This kit includes an indoor swing for kids, indoor trapeze bar, along with the Support Bar which is needed to secure the attachments into place. Your child will build their muscles while they are busy playing in the comfort of your home.

This 3 Piece Kit includes:
  • The Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar
  • The Rainy Day® Indoor Trapeze Bar
  • The Rainy Day® Indoor Strap Swing
Why? To enhance early childhood development. Balance, early speech, and coordination. We strive to make learning fun! You'll be amazed as you discover for yourself the wonderful difference the swing makes in your life. Unique in construction, this product is fun and brightly colored changing frowns into smiles. Durable craftsmanship to be enjoyed for many years. The Rainy Day Indoor Playground line balances and coordinates a child as he or she swings and uses the attachments.

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