2 in 1 Rotary Platform Swing, Children's Therapy Swing, Physiotherapy equipment

Rainy Day 2 in 1 Rotary Platform Swing

SKU: PL-243


Our 2-in-1 rotary platform swing for children is an excellent addition to any home, classroom, or indoor playset. It offers hours of fun, stability, and stimulation for children of different ages. This particular therapy swing is specially designed for children because it allows for linear swinging and rotary motion on the floor. Many parents, teachers, and therapists use this indoor swing for kids because it provides the additional safety that a normal swing does not. Our rotary indoor sensory swing is commonly used as a special needs swing because it offers endless hours of fun and it is safe for all children.

Package includes:
  • Rotary Platform Board
  • Detachable ropes
  • 2 horizontal handlebars
  • 2 platform stabilizer bars
For your convenience, you can order over the phone by calling (715) 752-4840 or add this kid’s door swing directly to your cart. If you have questions about shipping or safety, we will happily answer them over the phone.Rainy Day® Indoor Playground line for children. With our indoor playground equipment, your child can play for hours regardless of the season, whether it is day or night. It is suggested that children get at least 60 minutes of playtime every day, but depending on where you live, the play space may be limited for children, especially in high-rise apartments, condos, townhomes, or even houses. You can transform a doorway into a playground for your child, so they can enjoy being a kid wherever you live.

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