Nesting Benches, Indoor Therapy Playground Equipment, Climbing Stairs

Nesting Benches

SKU: NB-401


Let your child explore while building muscles with our four hardwood benches that nest inside one another. These benches make a great addition to your current indoor playground equipment collection along with serving other purposes when not being used by your child. Even though these benches can be used for an indoor playground for home environments, these benches are mainly used for therapeutic applications and sessions. However, you could also use this set of benches for balance and seating when children are not using the set. When children pretend they're makeing up rules for a game with each other, there's lot more going on children playing foster creativity and learn valuble skills, they'll need for the rest of thrir lives, including how to get along with others and make decisions. I NNOVATIVE D EVELOPMENTAL E DUCATIONAL A CTIVITY BASED FUN S AFETY OF YOUR HOME

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