Indoor T-Stool for Balance Control, Children's Therapy Stool, Sitting Stool

Indoor T-Stool

SKU: TS-1207


T-Stools are the tools of choice when working with individuals on balance reactions, trunk control, sensory integration responses, focused attention and proprioceptive responses. Use T-Stool to encourage balance as well as develop integrative and perceptual motor skills. Button lock enables height to be adjusted from 10 " to 13". Playaway Toy Company, Inc. has brought the fun indoors with the Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground. Used successfully by parents and therapists, the Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground offers a unique suspension system. At the center of the system is the Support Bar, easily suspended in any doorway. Choose one of our attachments, hang it up and you have instant recreation! Why? To enhance early childhood development. Balance, early speech, and coordination. We strive to make learning fun! You'll be amazed as you discover for yourself the wonderful difference the swing makes in your life. Unique in construction, this product is fun and brightly colored changing frowns into smiles. Durable craftsmanship to be enjoyed for many years. The Rainy Day Indoor Playground line balances and coordinates a child as he or she swings and uses the attachments.

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