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Doorway Abs Exercises

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Arm support for abdominal leg lifts and oblique training in conjunction with the support bar. Therapy and strengthening core strength and stability trunk muscles, upper arms, shoulders and chest. Assist with stretching for both arms and legs. GET RIPPED FAST! Your fitness goals start here with the Body Define® by Playaway Toy Company, Inc. The perfect in-home fitness system for those with limited space and time. At the heart of the Body Define® is the Support Bar, all "Power" attachments are based here with the use of O-Rings. In addition the Support Bar is a usable piece of the system for chin-ups and stretching (Plus all Rainy Day® Products attach to it as well, so the whole family can use it). You will love the quick routines you can develop and actually enjoy doing day after day, year after year for short and long term toning and strength building. Body Define® Fitness System was developed by Playaway Toy Company,Inc. For maximum results in lieu of big bulky weight lifting equipment that takes up space in your home. The thought of a doorway fitness system that can be installed and uninstalled in seconds without tools makes the The Body Define® the ultimate portable doorway gym. Standard attachments included with the Body Define® allow for unlimited versatility of body weight resistance and home exercises. Rainy Day Support Bar is not included in this kit.
  • Power Handles - Pair (#PHP-1001)
  • Power Adjustment Ropes - Pair (#PAR-2002)
  • Power Slings - Pair (#PSP-1000)
  • Height Adjustment Chains - Set of 2 (#CHAIN2)
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