Cradle Back Attachment for Children, Indoor Therapy Swing Stability

Cradle Back

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Children of all ages love the soothing effect of swinging back of forth, as well as the confining comfort of this cradle back swing attachment. Whether you’re looking for an indoor play structure for your home, your classroom, or your therapy space, sensory swings are a vital component, sure to assist in proper development of any child. When it comes to indoor playsets for toddlers, you want only the best and highest of quality. This Indoor Cradle Back Attachment offers just that, designed with therapists in mind. The Cradle Back Attachment features: · Slide loops of cradle back onto ropes · Adjustability, allowing the child's back to be supported where needed The Indoor Playground is the ideal product for your children because it has interchangeable parts. When this product is not being used, you can store it in a small place out of the way. At the center of this particular system is our Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar that easily suspends to almost any doorway measuring 29”-36” by only using a few tools. You can even use this support bar for chin ups/pull ups to gain upper body strength.

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