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Indoor Sensory Gym



Class Champ 8' This Indoor class champ therapy sensory room equipment jungle gym will grow with you & your children. Call (715) 752-4840 for price and to cstomize the way you want call for details. Home,Schools,Therapy clinic this indoor sensory gym is for you. Rainy Day® Indoor Playground line for children. With our indoor playground equipment, your child can play for hours regardless of the season, whether it is day or night. It is suggested that children get at least 60 minutes of playtime every day, but depending on where you live, the play space may be limited for children, especially in high-rise apartments, condos, townhomes, or even houses. You can transform a doorway into a playground for your child, so they can enjoy being a kid wherever you live. Provide the children in your life with fun entertainment with a kids’ door swing and additional products made by Playaway Toy Company. To ensure a healthy and active life, your little one needs to play throughout the day. We manufacture indoor playground equipment for children, so everyone has the opportunity to have fun even if they do not have access to a yard or live near a playground. Our different playground equipment can provide your child with hours of mental stimulation and help them build muscles, which is why so many parents, teachers, and therapists choose Playaway Toy Company’s products. The Class Champs product line is a customized product that is shipped by freight service. As of right now, we require that all orders for the Class Champs line be placed over the phone. Whether you are purchasing an indoor swing for kids or another one of our Class Champs products, you can call (715) 752-4840 when you are ready to place your order and receive shipping prices for your specific area.

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