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Rainy Day Indoor 4-Piece Kit

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Let your children have fun, relax, and enjoy our Rainy Day® Indoor 4-Piece Kit. In this particular kit, your child will get to enjoy our trapeze bar, strap swing, and net swing, along with the required support bar. The net swing is often referred to as an indoor hammock swing. Special needs equipment and toys are an essential accessory for any home or therapy setting. Children love this kit because they can swing on the trapeze bar and also enjoy sitting in a cocoon-like swing. This indoor playground equipment 4-piece set will surely be a hit at home or in the classroom. All of these indoor swing selections and attachments are perfect for strengthening muscle & building hand to eye coordination while your child is having many hours of fun. 4 Piece Kit includes: Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar Rainy Day® Indoor Trapeze Bar Rainy Day® Indoor Strap Swing Rainy Day® Indoor Net Swing Special Needs & Therapy Products Not only are indoor play sets perfect for getting out your little one’s pent up energy, but they are perfect for providing much-needed stimulation and for aiding in both fine and gross motor skills. Here at Playaway Toy, we offer a wide selection of play sets designed for children with special needs. Not only are they great for home-use, but they make excellent additions for the classroom or within the clinical therapy settings. The special needs swing has proven to be especially effective in a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. The cocoon swing provides the safety and security that so many little ones are after. A sensory swing is an excellent way to incorporate both a physically and mentally stimulating activity, without leaving the comfort of your home or classroom! Play securely and safely, knowing you’ve got the quality and assurance of Playaway Toy! Be sure to browse our entire collection of indoor play sets!

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