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Rainy Day® Support Bar

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Our Rainy Day Indoor Support Bar is the centerpiece for all of our playground accessories. Your family’s safety is our priority, so we constructed the Indoor Support Bar with high-quality, durable materials. Your child can enjoy their indoor playground equipment for many years to come. Whether you want to purchase our net swing, trapeze bar, or any other attachment, you will need to buy this support bar to secure it to a doorway safely. You can just remove one accessory and replace it with another one without having to remove the support bar from the doorway. All of our attachments require this support bar. The Support Bar does not stop the door from closing. It can stay up at all times! (remove attachments when not in use) Fast, easy installation Fits 29" to 36" wide standard doorway Non-marring saddles distribute weight evenly Made from high quality aircraft aluminum Accommodates many attachments of your choice Extension plugs which are (sold separately) would allow the support bar to expand to 44". Note: Hard Mounting is standard for the Support Bar. If you require a soft mount application, please order the Tiger Claws located in the parts section. (Soft Mounting has a 75 lb. weight limit) Quantity: 1 Submit Add to a new shopping list

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